Python Relative Imports in VSCode (Fix ModuleNotFoundError and Auto-completion)

When you work on semi-complex Python projects, they are sometimes composed out of several smaller projects. For example, you or your colleagues developed a library or package of classes and functions you now want to use in your current project. One way of including a package (here my_package) into your current project is to copy...

Python Course #5: Adding and Subtracting Binary Numbers

After you have learned how to convert decimal numbers into the binary system in Python Course #4: Binary Numbers, you will now see how to add and subtract binary numbers and how to represent negative numbers in the binary system. Adding Binary Numbers Adding two binary numbers works in the same way as you would...

Python Course #4: Introduction to Binary Numbers (Converting Decimal to Binary)

After you have learned about Boolean algebra in Python Course #3: Introduction to Boolean Algebra it is time to talk about the binary system and binary numbers based on Boolean algebra. Everything stored on your computer is stored in a binary representation. When you plan on working with embedded systems like Arduino or Raspberry Pi,...

Python Course #3: Introduction to Boolean Algebra

The term Boolean algebra itself might sound dry and dull, but it is one of the backbones of all the computers we use today. In this article, you will learn what Boolean algebra is and how to use it in Python. Boolean algebra is named after its inventor George Boole who introduced it in his...

Python Course #2: Variables and Primitive Datatypes for Absolute Beginners

After you have written your first Python Hello World program (find the article over here: Python Lesson 1: Your First Python Program (Complete Beginners Guide) ) it is time to talk about variables in Python and programming languages in general. What are variables? Variables in computer programs are used to store, manipulate and label data....

Python Course #1: Python for Absolute Beginners

You made the decision to start learning Python? Congratulations! In this article, you will learn how to write your first Python code and how to set up the code editor Visual Studio Code without any prior knowledge in programming. Check if Python is installed The first thing you have to check is if Python is...

Why you Should Learn Python in 2021

Python is one of the hottest programming languages right now, with an ever-growing community of developers worldwide. Python is especially popular in prototyping, machine learning, data science, and it’s even picking up pace in the web development and embedded systems communities. All thanks to its excellent accessibility and a vast amount of libraries that are...

How to install a pip Package from a git Repository (https and ssh)

I recently came across a very helpful Python package on Github, that I wanted to use for the project I’m currently working on. The package was also available on the Python Package Index PyPI, allowing me to integrate it into my project using pip. However, I needed to change the package’s code. One way to...

How to Install Multiple Python Versions on your Computer and use them with VSCode

Why should you use pyenv and Virtual Python Environments? As a programmer, either employed at a company, freelancer or even as a hobbyist, you usually work on multiple programming projects simultaneously. And most of those projects require different Python versions and depend on other modules like a particular version of numpy, for example. Or, if...